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Whilst Cannabis oil is still classed as an illegal drug, my aim is to educate  on its real benefits through my personal experience.  Please, read my lastest blog on positive new developments that wil lead to better access to medical cannabis oil.

A 4:1 CBD/THC composition is a good option as it removes that high feeling caused by oils containing high THC levels.  CBD is the compound holding the most medicinal value. Both are required for comprehensive health benefits.

There are a variety of options available, yet it is  very difficult to know if it will be beneficial.  Please, view my Blog page which has a number of video links and insightfull accounts from various quarters.

My hope is that my personal account and the information I share will bring more people to understand the benefits and open themselves to more research and understanding.  There are natural ways to heal the body or at least maintain one's body.  Don't take your health lightly. 

Feel free to get in touch if you need more information and if you are looking to purchase oil's.  A brief description of your condition will be appreciated as this will assist me in providing the right information.

Yours in good health


Or call us if you want to discuss in person +27 (0) 76 846 2044.

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