Who Am I

 I've been a Type 1 insulin dependant Diabetic for over 20 years.  I've struggled to manage my condition for a large portion of my adult life.

Found myself in hospital more often than not, it's been a long difficult journey.  Today I find myself in a balanced place allowing me to live with Diabetes and all its complications.

I still need to manage my diet, excercise and medication, though It has become easier and my life is mine again.

My Standards 

My insulin treatment was the best available. Fast acting injections 3 times a day combined with a slow acting injection once a day. I needed additional support to help my body cope.  Diet, exercise and medication was my standard regime.  Beyond that the myriad of vitamin pills I was taking, I still found myself lacking energy, feeling tired and struggling to stay out of hospital.  Thus my journey to finding a suitable natural way to improve my health and compliment my current regime started.

Why Choose Me

There are so many "options" available and one does not know which to consider or if it will help.  After some trial and error I found the right solution for me.  I started a course over a 3 month period, testing the before and after to see if there is improvement in my general wellbeing.

During this period my energy levels improved.
My moods improved and I felt better.
My sugar levels stabilised.
My insulin dependancy reduced.
Confidence returned and I felt like living.

I felt better than ever and I have not been in or near a hospital in over 2 years other than for my regular check ups and HB1AC1 tests, proving my results to be good.

Numerous people who I have introduced have experienced remarkable results.  Now I feel that it is important that more people are aware of the benefits and hopefully it will inspire, assist and help provide much needed information.

What I do know is that we all need to look at all the options available to allow us healing and sometimes we should not forget that this earth heals itself, why not let nature assist us with our healing.

Today unlike a few years ago, there are so many personal accounts, research and information available online which will allow us to make a clear and educated decision about our health.  I don't think it is a miracle nor do I think it will solve all our problems.

In my small way I hope to contribute to help everyone walking in the same footsteps as I who have one of the five dread diseases.  If you don't and you maybe suffering from something less severe in these cases I think this is a solution that can assist in more ways then we know at this moment in time.